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In the town of Verona there lived two families, the Capulets and the Montagues. They engaged in a bitter feud. Among the Montagues was Romeo, a hot-blooded young man with an eye for the ladies. One day, Romeo attended the feast of the Capulets', a costume party where he expected to meet his love, Rosaline, a haughty beauty from a well-to-do family. Once there, however, Romeo's eyes felt upon Juliet, and he thought of Rosaline no more.
The vision of Juliet had been invading his every thought. Unable to sleep, Romeo returned late that night to the Juliet's bedroom window. There, he was surprised to find Juliet on the balcony, professing her love for him and wishing that he were not a "Montague", a name behind his own. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo was ready to deny his name and professed his love. The two agreed to meet at nine o-clock the next morning to be married.
Early the next morning, Romeo came to Friar Lawrence begging the friar to marry him to Juliet. The Friar performed the ceremony, praying that the union might someday put an end to the feud between the two families. He advised Romeo kept the marriage a secret for a time.
On the way home, Romeo chanced upon his friend Mercutio arguing with Tybalt, a member of the Capulet clan. That qurreling last caused Merquito died. Romeo was reluctant no longer. He drew his sword and slew Tybalt died. Romeo realized he had made a terrible mistake. Then Friar Lawrence advised Romeo to travel to Mantua until things cool down. He promised to inform Juliet.
In the other hand, Juliet's father had decided the time for her to marry with Paris. Juliet consulted Friar Lawrence and made a plot to take a sleeping potion for Juliet which would simulate death for three days. The plot proceeded according to the plan. Juliet was sleeping in death.
Unfortunately, The Friar's letter failed to reach Romeo. Under the cover of darkness, he broke into Juliet's tomb. Romeo kissed the lips of his Juliet one last time and drank the poison. Meanwhile, the effects of the sleeping potion wear off. Juliet woke up calling for Romeo. She found her love next to her but was lying dead, with a cup of poison in his hand. She tried to kiss the poison from his lips, but failed. Then Juliet put out his dagger and plunged it into her heart. Then she died.

The Three Feather Story

Once upon time There was a king who had three sons. The two son were clever. The third son did not speak much so he was called Simpleton. When the king had become old, he did not know which son should become the king.

Then he got a bright idea and said; "Go forth, who brings me the most beautiful carpet will be king after me". He blew three feathers in the air, and said: "You should go as they fly". One feather flew to the east, the scond to the west, but the third flew straight up and did not fly far.

So one brother went to the right, and the other to the left. Simpleton was sad because his feather did not fly far. Then all at once he saw a trap-door close to the feather. He found some steps, and went down the door. Then he came to another door, knocked at it. The door opened, and he saw a fat toad sitting. She asked what he wanted. He answered; "I should get the prettiest and finest carpet in the world". Then she called a young toad; "Bring me the great box!"

The young toad brought the box. The fat toad opened it, and gave simpleton a carpet out of it. The carpet was so beautiful. So Simpleton thanked her, and brought it to the kingdom. Meanwhile his brothers just got some coarse handkerchiefs from a shepherds' wives whom they had met. When the king saw Simpleton's carpet he was very astonished and said; " Well, the kingdom belongs to the Simpleton". But his two brothers argued that it was impossible that simpleton should be king, They asked the king to make a new agreement.

Then the father said; "Who brings me the most beautiful ring will inherit the kingdom". He blew three feathers, which they were to follow. Those of the two eldest again went east and west, and simpleton's feather flew straight up, and fell down near the trap-door. Again the fat toad gave him a ring sparkled with jewels. Meanwhile his two brohter just got old carriage-rings. However they did not cease from tormenting the king until he made a third condition.

So the king declared; Who brings the most beautiful woman home will be the king". He again blew the three feathers into the air. Then Simpleton went down to the fat toad, and said; "I am to take home the most beautiful woman". The she gave him a yellow turnip which had been hollowed out. Mournfully Simpleton said; "What am I to do with it?". The toad answered; "Just put one of my little toads into it!". Then Simpleton seized one little toad and put her into the yellow coach. Surprisingly the little toad turned into a beautiful maiden. So Simpleton took her to the king. On the other hand, his brother brought peasant women to the kingdom.

When the king saw the women he said; "After my death the kingdom belongs to my youngest son". But the two eldest brothers kept arguing that whose wife could leap through a ring which hung in the center of the hall would be the king. The king agreed. Then the two peasant women jumped through the ring but they fell which made their arms and legs broke. On the other hand, the pretty maiden sprang through the ring as lightly as a deer which made the two peasants ceased. So Simpleton received the crown and ruled wisely the kingdom.

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